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To provide innovative and practical solutions for our clients, reinforced with a personal level of commitment to ongoing customer service. Become a respected and leading supplier to our chosen market globally.

"I started developing software solutions for the glass and window industry in 1979. It was my passion for problem solving that attracted me to software and especially the glass and window industry, because of the problems it presents in the way of material optimisation. My focus has always been to deliver effective software solutions; and I take a personal interest in the welfare of all my customers. This is why JoTiKa is the UK's leading developer of software solutions in the glass industry today"

Foreword by John Gold - Director

Our Experience

We have been developing glass software solutions for the flat glass processing industry for many years, recruiting experienced manufacturing consultants from within the industry. All our glass software products are designed and supported in house, by a team of software developers and customer service professionals.

Our History

For over 30 years, Jotika owner John Gold has played a significant role in the development of glass software technology for the UK & Ireland glass industry. Jotika pay close attention to customers' needs with a proud history of delivering exceptional results. In the process, our customers have benefited and continue to benefit from our software products through both good & bad times.